Dennis is our exclusive uniform provider.

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Pants/Skirts: The color of the boys’ pants and the girls’ skirts or pants will be classic navy.

Shorts: STMS is excited to add shorts in classic navy as an option for both boys and girls.

Interlock Polo Shirts: The coed long and short-sleeve mesh polo shirts will be white with the STMS logo monogrammed in navy thread. Please note that the monogramming is mandatory on the specified clothing items and that there is an additional charge for the St. Timothy Middle School logo.  All other items that require the STMS logo will be classic navy with the logo monogrammed in white thread.

Shoes: Black or brown shoes that allow for ease of movement.

Please Note: Options for girls include knee-length pleated skirt, pants, and unisex shorts in classic navy.

GYM Uniform: This consists of 4 mandatory items: Sweatpants and sweatshirt, t-shirt and shorts. These items have an STMS logo that differs from the regular school uniform. White crew socks only with sneakers.

We request that you honor our dress code by purchasing these articles of clothing from Dennis Uniform.

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