In-School Retreat: Choose Love

Students and faculty gathered in O’Connell Hall to take a break from their average Wednesday schedule on September 19th, 2018 and participated in a retreat led by Liza Peters, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center.

The date and theme of the Fall 2019 In-School Retreat are TBD.


Team Building

3 team building activities took place throughout the school. Each activity challenged students to communicate effectively, set goals, and bond with their grade-mates.


Choose Love Intentions by STMS Faculty

As a loving faculty, we will…

  • be aware of the well-being of our students and parents by embodying forgiveness, patience, and courage through accepting and appreciating others in our community.

  • trust the intentions of others, forgive and love others as God has forgiven us.

  • be a guiding light to all we encounter through love, encouragement, and positivity.

  • be examples of patience by accepting and understanding the differences of others and their challenges through remembering to listen, pause, think, and react calmly; starting with ourselves.

  • live out compassion by listening with an open heart to other perspectives and be proactively responsive to others’ needs for the betterment of our school community.

  • live courageously, striving to be a positive role model by exhibiting the traits of honesty, integrity, and acceptance of all.

  • practice being grateful for the present moment and the gifts God has given us.

  • recognize the things we may take for granted and give thanks.

  • above all else, just be kind.


Making Connections

Students huddled up with their homeroom class to write their own definition of their assigned word and create a visual display in the hallway.