Home & School Association

The next HSA meeting is Wednesday, October 23rd at 6:30PM in Milligan Hall (a.k.a. the library).

Meeting Minutes from 9.18.19

Meeting Minutes from 8.22.19

The Home & School Association is our parent organization.  It is a vital part of our school and every parent, by virtue of having a child enrolled in Saint Timothy Middle School, is a member of the Home and School Association.  There is a $50.00 Home and School Association enrollment fee per family to assist with the Association's activities and programs for the students. In addition to this fee, we also require a minimum of 20 hours of time assisting with one or more of these events (listed below) during the school year. Families have the option to pay a $250 fee in lieu of the volunteer hours commitment.

To find the volunteer opportunity that’s right for you, please read our Parent Volunteer Guide to discover the camaraderie and gratification that comes from volunteering at St. Timothy Middle School!

Here is a list of scheduled activities the Association plans throughout the three trimesters.
1st Trimester
Mums and Pumpkin Sale
Curriculum Night

Pies/Bread Sale
Wreath Sale
Fall Open House
Fall Sports Celebration

2nd Trimester
Family Bowling Night
Winter Open House
Curriculum Fair
Winter Sports Celebration

3rd Trimester
Tiger Ball
Field Day
Yard Goats Game
Spring Sports Celebration
Class Night

Throughout the Year
Bake Sales
Stop & Shop A+ Rewards Program

Interested in becoming an executive board member of our Home & School Association? Click here to review the descriptions of the board positions.

Virtus Training

The Virtus Training Workshops are available throughout the year and are coordinated by various parishes in the Archdiocese. Please click here for a full list of workshops available and to register online.  Following the completion of the Virtus Training Workshop, volunteers receive a certificate of completion which must be submitted to the school office.

STMS Virtus Training Registration Form